• Community Partner.  Committed to co-creating and participating in partnerships that bridge and bond various assets.
  • Builder of Capacity.  Supporting capacity development for organizations, communities, and systems through organizational development.
  • Catalyst, Convener, and Facilitator.  Encouraging change by supporting innovative thinking, promising practices, and policy development by bringing people and organizations together.
  • Educator.  Providing people and organizations with timely and relevant information.

Professional Qualifications

  • Extensive experience facilitating small and large groups of diverse participants
  • Master’s Degree, with ten or more years of monitoring and evaluation experience
  • Deep experience using diverse quantitative data analysis methods (e.g., tests of significance, t-tests, ANOVA, chi-square, regression, and factor analysis, and related statistical analysis software, i.e. SPSS)
  • Deep experience in qualitative methods (e.g., structured focus groups, interviews, photovoice, etc.)
  • Strong understanding of trends in Monitoring & Evaluation, characteristics of effective programs, leading organizations and initiatives, etc.
  • Experience working directly with a foundation’s and implementing organization’s program (non-evaluation) staff to use data for program improvement
  • Strategic planning and data-driven decision-making
  • Managing complex relationships with multiple stakeholders
  • Working in an international context
  • Working with and designing IT data systems; able to translate measurement needs in ways that allow technologists to design, maintain and support state of the art evaluation systems.

Personal Qualities

  • Effective communicator:
    • A skilled presenter and professional with an ability to represent organizations and groups internally and at external events and conferences
    • A compelling writer able to distill essential information and tailor messages for a variety of audiences spanning academic publication to practitioner materials
    • Relationship-builder able to facilitate communication between professionals from a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds and nonprofessional in a respectful and diplomatic manner
    • Entrepreneurial and energized by working in a fast-paced environment (including comfort with ambiguity and a willingness to be flexible in work roles and responsibilities)
    • Flexibility to work across multiple methods of measurement and evaluation; balancing what is most rigorous with what is most practical
    • Team player who enjoys coaching and developing others’ abilities
    • Highly self-motivated, with impeccable ethical standards, confidentiality and personal integrity
    • Ability to operate as an effective tactical as well as strategic thinker
    • Fluency in English

Example Responsibilities

Performance Monitoring Operations

  • Manage the inner workings of foundation’s performance monitoring system
    • Manage the theory of change and recommend improvements based on data
    • Manage logic models, metrics, data collection instruments, and reports; seeking opportunities to streamline, and simplify what partners are asked to collect
    • Manage foundation’s performance monitoring IT data system, working with technology staff to ensure a user-friendly, reliable, and secure interface for inputting and analyzing data
    • Conduct sophisticated analyses to understand outcomes and drivers
    • Work directly with partners to collect, analyze, and manage data
    • Refine, implement and communicate processes that ensure partners’ performance monitoring data is submitted on time, validated, and in the appropriate format
    • Conduct site visits to key partners to conduct observations as well as ensure reported data is accurate and provide on-the-ground training and oversight; train the Program Officers to integrate M&E into their programmatic oversight
    • Manage the ‘learning community’ of partners through coordination of gatherings, individual meetings, and online best-practice sharing
    • Work with the Program Officers to use data for program management
    • Use monitoring data to ensure that program implementation is consistent across sites and achieving results
    • Extract and identify implications from the measurement findings and formulate recommendations that support partners to refine their individual programs
    • Develop and implement trainings and ongoing professional development for grantee staff
    • Engage, guide and motivate staff to instill a deep sense of connection and common purpose

 M&E Strategy and Knowledge Sharing

  • Oversee reports for leadership that
    • report the outputs and outcomes of the initiative and individual partners
    • synthesize across the complexity of findings to identify key insights and implications that inform key decisions
    • recommend improvements to the measurement system itself
    • Engage and manage third-parties to conduct impact assessments; identify and coordinate with these third-parties as they establish technical design and methods, undertake their field work, review findings, and distill key messages for internal and external audiences
    • Develop a broad and strategic knowledge sharing plan that shares important findings in targeted ways to multiple audiences
    • Represent results and impact with key internal and external stakeholders at leading conferences, meetings, and other important gatherings

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