Evaluation Training

I gave a half day training on evaluation and the steps one can take for the leaders of Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz County nonprofits.  It was very interactive and I think it went really well and got lots of positive feedback afterwards from participants.

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AEA library

I checked and see that some of my documents from the American Evaluator’s Association Conference have been well downloaded.  That is very nice to see.

Making Sense of Changes in Bounded Networks


Narrowing the Gap: Examining the social and economic gaps among a random sample of direct service participants


Funder’s Use of Network Analysis to Build Intentional Collaboration


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LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) Cohort Begins

I am happy to have been selected to participate in the 2011-12 cohort for LEAD that the Community Foundation has directed for the past two years for the next generation of non-profit leaders.

We spent two full days on Friday and Saturday getting to know each other and getting grounded in the learning experience with each other.  I think there are some excellent people a the forefront of the field locally participating and and I honored to be able to pursue this with them.

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Hartnell Redistricting Commitee

I am very pleased to be on the redistricting committee for Hartnell Community College.  I think it will be an interesting process and be fun to sort through the demographic and political implications for students.

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Hello.  Welcome to my website. Please let me know if you have any questions.

David Dobrowski

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