Hello, I work in evaluation with nonprofit agencies to show their effects and make programs better for people and our world.

I have worked in the field of Evaluation since 2004.  My work has included designing multi-year, multi-site evaluations; conducting county-wide assessments; training and supporting program staff and funded agencies with program evaluation and technology; analyzing complex qualitative and quantitative data sets; contracting and overseeing independent evaluators; and engaging people with findings as well as make recommendations that allow people to refine and improve program design.  I have been responsible for a $760,000 annual evaluation budget and supported more than 30 nonprofits, public agencies and school districts simultaneously.

My evaluation work has focused on environmental education, early childhood programs and community development. I have supported several institutions in developing, implementing and interpreting their evaluation systems.  My areas of evaluation interest are in organizational improvement, participatory evaluations, and using technology to promote social changes.

I received my Master’s of Public Administration in International Organizations and Nonprofit Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  I currently live in Salinas, California, but have lived and worked in Japan, the Czech Republic and Mexico as well as several states.

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